Weekend Small Group Program (3-5 Students)

Join us for our weekend program now. We offer 2 hours period of play & learn small group lesson for students from K-8. We have three levels classes based on students’ age and level.

Beginner(K-2) Saturday Class:

Our Topic-Based Play & Learn Lessons assist students in establishing basis foundation of vocabulary, sentence structure, oral speaking skill in a fun and practical way by integrating many kinds of the age-appropriate activities, such as songs, games, handcraft, and cartoon creating. Previous Mandarin knowledge is not required or expected.


Research shows many benefits to early language learning including 

  • Increased intellectual growth and mental development

  • Greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening

  • An increased appreciation of different cultures and peoples


Saturday, 11:30am-1:30am

Intermediate (3rd -5th Grader) Saturday Class:

Lessons designed to the students who have a few Chinese knowledge and look forward to moving further. The projects combine elements, such as new vocabulary learning, stories reading, short paraph writing, group presentation, handcraft into a more fun way. Students can choose the topic they like then learn in-depth by following teachers’ joyful plan. A few Chinese knowledge requested.


  • More flexible and practical than most of the Chinese weekend school.

  • Students are all highly motivated since they can learn from the point of interest and not just from dry textbooks.

  • The group project offers an excellent opportunity for students to cultivate their collaborative ability and leadership.

  • Discussion and presentation can improve students' verbal and communication skills


Saturday, 9am-11am

Advance (6th -8th Grader) Sunday Class:

For Advance students or middle school students, we offer a class for individualizing need, A.P Chinese Test assistance, and Project Learning. We are committed to inspiring students to use the language and be confident constantly. We encourage students to participate contest, such as Chinese Bridge Cup Recital and Calligraphy Contests, CLTAC (Chinese Language Teachers Association of California) Mandarin Speech Contests, etc.


  • Cultivate student's abilities to obtain a higher academic Mandarin proficiency or award

  • Assist students to prepare A.P Chinese Test.

  • Students are all highly motivated since they can learn from the point of interest, age-appropriate activities and projects,  but not just from dry textbooks.

  • Cool environment than any other class


Sunday, 9am-11am