We are different:


Fun 好玩有趣

Tight connection with students, families & school 


Long-term 持久影响

Diverse Resources 拥有丰富的资源

Professional teacher & Training system


Parents club & Student union 家长俱乐部 & 丰卓学生会

Monthly News 丰卓中文月刊

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Charis Lee

Charis Lee (Zixian Lao Shi), the head teacher and program director of FunZone Mandarin, has five years of Mandarin teaching experience in Mandarin After School program. From teacher’s assistant to the class teacher and eventually be the Site-Coordinator, she has strong hand-on-skills and techniques to match Mandarin teaching in the US for students at different ages and levels. Her enriching rotation experience let her acutely aware of students, parents and teachers’ needs. Also, her high capacity for organizing, operating, motivating, and problem-solving acquire a good foundation for FunZone Mandarin Program.


Professional Staff & Teacher Training System

Good teachers are our critical backbone. So, every selected teacher should be strictly meet our FunZone’s standard of philosophy. They are knowledgeable and practical. They are cheerful, young and full of passion, enthusiasm, and patience for students. But above all, FunZone Mandarin develop a comprehensive teacher training system. Teachers grow and upgrade with our professional team.

Student Union


FunZone creates opportunities for our students to transform language skills into reality. Students Union participate in organizing FunZone's events, which is the great chance to practice Chinese and cultivate leadership. Member of Student Union will get a chance to win a free trip to China annual.

Monthly News

We publish Monthly News for FunZone's families to get our latest information, resources and some of the excellent FunZone stories.

Parents community

Monthly gathering party welcomes parents to join us as friends. We share experiences and solutions. Parents are the life teacher of their kids, and we would like to help parents to be a better “teacher” for their family. Charis (Zi Xian Lao Shi), director of the program, would like to share ideas and guideline for Language learning and Child Development.

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